Luxury Victorian Home Interior Style Romantic Victorian Home Interior
Victorian home interior can evoke the romantic style if you focus the decoration on the soft pattern, color, and shape. Victorian house is still popular even though it is considered as one of the best traditional styles.
Romantic Victorian Home Living Room Romantic Victorian Home Interior
You can make the room a bit formal by using Victorian decors. The romantic style can be perceived not only on the bedroom but also on the public’s room in the house like living room and dining room. The patterns, textures, colors and accessories should deliver the classic and soft style to support the fantastic look of Victorian home.
Victorian Home Interior Ideas Romantic Victorian Home Interior
Select a color palette which can bring the romantic feeling. Some colors in Victorian interior design to pick include moss green, sage green, pink, creamy, coral, lavender, off white, and ivory. Don’t forget to add a hint of contrasting hues like copper, gold and dark brown. Thus, your Victorian home not only looks romantic but also elegant. Pattern cannot be separated from Victorian home decor. This style is famous because of the elaborate and carved pattern. You can have different types of pattern on Victorian home. Some of them include fleur de lis, scrollwork on the furniture, damask, paisley, and curlicue.
Victorian Home Interior Bedroom Romantic Victorian Home Interior
Romantic Victorian Home Interior Bedroom Romantic Victorian Home Interior
The furniture pieces in the room can be made in carved style. It can be painted in off white. The chairs feature high quality upholstery with floral pattern. The drapery should look thick. It can be made in fine lace for adorable style in the room. If you want to add an area rug, pick the Persian or Indian style for it comes with elaborate pattern.
Romantic Victorian Home Interior Style Romantic Victorian Home Interior
The furniture in the house should come with embroidery or even tufted upholstery. The light should be made in curvy design. The upholstery can be made from silk, satin, damask, and velvet for opulent feeling in Victorian home interior.

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