screen shot at Restaurant Design: Ho Hum By M4 hotels restaurants design ideas

The Ho-Hum restaurant  design is 1 of my favorites – completed by M4. The design and style has a cinematic flavor with minimalist views, which does not necessarily mean dull and boring.

This lovely restaurant has verified that irony is not necessarily an exclusive preserve of the British. The color palette used in this style is understated but I can say that the impact is absolutely energizing instead of being lethargic. It is located in Seoul and upon entry you will be seeking at the cinema screen. The whole location is accentuated even further in the course of night time, where you will see a darkened forecourt. The views are unobstructed by way of the use of the frame-much less glass doors, which further brought sharper concentrate by means of the interiors.

screen shot at Restaurant Design: Ho Hum By M4 hotels restaurants design ideas

The cuisine provided in this amazing restaurant is Moroccan tagine but the interior is not the common black and white classic like that of the Casablanca cinema but a lot more like the futuristic blockbuster. The interiors have the Star Wars top quality rather than standard. It also has the North African influence that involves the cloud-like billowing style of the ceiling, which is manipulated by diffusers. There is also the overpowering stark, screen frontage that when viewed inside depicts of the blue glow of a relaxing sky.

The graphics of this beautiful restaurant is also well-placed and generally impressive. General, this style is like a fairy tale story that has the most renowned opening of “Once upon a time…” (through)

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